Selection Procedure


    The Interview Process

    Pawan Security Service (Regd.) interviews are the first step in selecting individuals for security guard positions. We insist that each applicant present us with a formal resume of his prior employment including several references. These resumes are carefully checked out and lying on a resume is grounds for immediate disqualification. The interview is also used to determine an applicant’s suitability for a security guard job and ‘weed out’ individuals who seem overly aggressive, hesitant to answer questions honestly and openly or who exhibit any type of anti-social tendencies. The way an applicant presents himself from an overall appearance point of view also provides us with important information.

    Background Checks 

    Pawan Security Service (Regd.) rigorously checks each applicant’s background, criminal history to determine any red flags that would disqualify him. Obviously, a guard assigned to any client is expected to be squeaky clean with respect to prior criminal acts, as honesty and truthfulness must be our highest priority in the selection process. Other characteristics are also considered. For example, guards assigned to public places and large retail establishments must be good communicators. The availability of the Internet makes it much quicker and easier to perform thorough background investigations today. In general, we always check an applicant’s:

      » Social Security Records 
      » State, Local & Federal Criminal History 
      » Worker’s Compensation Records 
      » Previous Employment (Listed on his/her resume) 
      » Education 
      » State Licenses (if any are claimed).