OUR RESPONSIBILITY:-                                                                     

      » Checking of vehicle and goods incoming and outgoing as per the document.
      » Search of workers coming in and leaving the factory if desired by the management.
      » Reception of visitors and check entry of unauthorized persons.
      » Security of assets against theft, pilferage and misappropriation & fire.
      » Frequent surprise visits from time to time during different hour of day and night.
      » Maintenance and use of all fire fighting equipments.
      » Vigilance report about the activities of union workers and others.
      » Assistance in case of threat and intimidation etc. And extended moral support to the management.
      » At the close of duty hours out personal will submit a daily report to the management.
      » (1) Electronic Security (II) Cash Van Security (III) Armed Guards (IV) Fire Safety.
      » The security guard will not absent himself without prior permission.
      » Security guard will not leave his duty post any cost.
      » Drinking, tobacco are strictly prohibited while on duty.
      » Sleeping on duty is a very serious offence and no security guard should indulge in it.


      » All salaries and other benefits to our personnel such as E.S.I., P.F., Bonus, and Wages etc. will be our responsibility. We also undertake to pay such allowance that may be applicable to our personnel under any new act or order of the government.
      » Our security personnel cannot become member of any union.
      » Routine rotation of security staff is done when required to provide you with a well-knit self-sustained dynamic force.
      » Any personal not required by yourself for any reason whatever will be removed from your premises with in 24hrs.
      » Parade State/Maintenance of uniform is our guarantee.
      » Our personnel are selected after proper antecedent verification from police and by our Security Company and previous employer.